All Aboard the Modeltrain Express!!  El Conductor here making my first post!  I reckon the best place to start our model railroading conversation is by talking about train scale.  For anybody looking to get into this fascinating world, the first question to wrap the old noggin around seems to be: which scale model train is best?  In my humble opinion, the answer is HO Scale!  For those brakemen out there looking to become conductors, HO scale stands for “half O” since HO scale train models are nearly half the size of the O scale trains (which are 1:48 the size of real trains).  HO models are 1:87.1 the size of the big boys, and one of the great things about these models is the huge availability of locomotives (both diesel and steam) and all the other rolling stock and track structures needed to build one sweet setup.  You’ll be able to buy train models that are track-ready, or you can pick up a nice little kit and assemble your own locomotives and cars.  Both are great, it just depends how serious you’re looking to get about model railroading.  Now these HO scale models are big enough to meticulously detail to look like the real deals, but they’re also small enough for you to build a nice railroading track setup in a relatively small space.

 All Aboard the Modeltrain Express!!

Well that’s all for now folks, I’m heading down into the old basement to lay some new track on my work in progress – a re-creation of the Finger Lakes Railway!  Until next time, Happy Railroading, and make sure your couplers are coupled!

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