American Flyer model trains date all the way back to 1908 when the Edmonds-Metzel Hardware Company adopted the “American Flyer” brand name for the model trains they manufactured.  The American Flyer model train was initially developed as a budget model railroading brand in an effort to secure part of the model train market that was dominated by the Ives Company in the early 1900s.  However, with its early success in the model railroad market, the Edmonds-Metzel Hardware Company expanded their product line and began developing high-end model train locomotives, passenger cars and additional rolling stock.  The American Flyer brand continued to grow both in market share and reputation, and in 1937 A.C. Gilbert purchased the brand.  During the period of 1937 to 1966 under the auspices of the A.C. Gilbert Company, American Flyer model trains rose to become an industry leader in premium, beautifully crafted trains.  Here are a few pictures of American Flyer model train locomotives, passenger cars and rolling stock from this period:

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